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real estate measuring floorplans

Real Estate Floorplans & Measuring

We offer detailed floorplans with total GLA square footage with ANSI standard guidelines for MLS.  Our floorplans offer room dimensions, GLA exterior dimensions, color-coded floorplans with windows, doors, and fixed furniture! Our floorplans use updated ANSI compliant standards which is recognized by the NCREC. Let our HMS® (Home Measuring Specialist) team help you provide the very best in Real Estate floorplans and measuring to your clients!

  • Detailed Floorplans
  • Room Dimensions
  • GLA Exterior Dimensions
  • Total GLA Square Footage for MLS
  • Color-Coded with Doors, Windows, & Fixed Furniture
  • Updated ANSI Standards
  • 97% Accuracy
  • 48 Hour Turnaround

Real Estate Floorplans and Measuring Examples


Detailed floorplan with room dimensions, windows, door openings, fixed furniture such as stove, fridge, counters, and fireplaces. Includes total GLA square footage for MLS.

GLA Report

Detailed report with exterior dimensions, color-coded to show what areas are included or not included in square footage such as attics and low ceilings.