How do I prepare a property listing for a Photoshoot, Video Walkthrough or 3D Virtual Tour?

In preparation for a Photoshoot, Video Walkthrough or 3D Virtual Tour we recommend that you stage your listing as you would for an open house or showing. We ask that your property is tidy, clean, clutter free, pets and any pet paraphernalia put away, and personal photos put away. Please note, do to liability reasons, our photographers are not allowed to move things around in the home; our photographers shoot the property AS-IS when we arrive. We also ask that no other tradespeople such as painters, plumbers, handymen, or other people are present during the shoot. Please try to have the property ready the day before the photoshoot. Please try to not schedule cleaners, stagers, or any tradesman the day of the shoot.

  1. All rooms and exterior of property must be accessible at time of shoot
  2. Please make sure that all work and/or punch list on the property has been completed before the time of shoot
  3. Tidy up the landscaping, mowing and trimming bushes
  4. Make sure all vehicles are out of sight
  5. Remove items like toys, bikes, trash cans, etc. out of sight
  6. Remove and hide all loose items such as remotes, bills, keys, paper towels, etc from the tables and counter
  7. Hide small appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, etc.
  8. Make sure there are no dishes or drying racks in the kitchen
  9. Unclutter your kitchen counter-tops and area as the kitchen is one of the most viewed areas
  10. Clean counters, windows, and mirrors
  11. Empty and hide all trash cans
  12. Replace all burned out light bulbs
  13. Make sure all ceiling fans are free from dirt of dust
  14. Secure pets before the shoot and make sure all pets are removed from any scenes of the property
  15. If alarm systems are present, please make sure they are disabled before shoot
  16. If you have blinds, please open them up before we arrive.
  17. All lights, table lights, floor lights, under cabinet lights, stove hood lights, and outdoor lights are on and all bulbs are working.

Use the commonsense approach when preparing your property for a shoot.

Remember, proper preparation of your property will ensure the best results and will help sell your property faster.